Psilocybin Cube Gummies


Origin: North America

Per Gummy: 1g X 4

Bottle Total: 4g

Duration: 2-4 hrs.

Psilocybin Distillate is a new product to the market that has effects unique from raw magic mushrooms on their own. Because it is not “full spectrum”, it has a cleaner, more cerebral effect. Because of this, cubes also have a gentler effect on the stomach. The effects last for a shorter period of time, but is faster acting and has more of a cerebral high.

Cubes are a great recreational product that can be fun for a party, concert, a day at the beach or a social gathering. They can also be used for journeying in larger quantities.

The cubes are dosed at equivalent to 1g of psilocybe cubensis mushroom, however keep in mind they will not have the exact safe effects as raw shrooms.

Flavours vary per bottle and may include grape, apple, raspberry, and orange.

Each bottle contains 4 supplement gummies (each gummy carries 1g active ingredient) for a total of 4 grams.

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